Nakuru Watchman rewarded Ksh 1.7 Million after verbal dismissal by employer

If you are
one of the employers who sack their employees overnight without following the
expected legal procedures then you should expect the worst if the employee
takes the matter to a court of law.
Its all
smiles for a Nakuru Guard Jared Odhiambo who had worked as a watchman for 12
years without a songle day of leave at poly Pipes Limited. Despite working continuously
without leave, Jared was underpaid and also worked 2 hours overtime everyday
without any compensation on that.
explained to a labour court that he reported work as usual on July 1st 2014 only
for the employer to dismiss him without any particular reason despite he worked
for 12 years in the company.
Since Jared
was not laid off under any offence, and there was no letter in lieu of notice
to his dismissal Jared asked for Ksh 11, 633, Service Gratuity of Ksh 55,638,
Overtime of Ksh 1,388, 640 and underpayments of a total of 58,573.
This amount
totaled up to Ksh 1.7million of which his employer did not oppose.

Ksh 1.7 is
the amount Jared is to walk away with.


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