Sheila Mwanyigha’s photo causes a major uproar on social media

December 2015 is a big day for the 2015 grandaunts at the University of Nairobi
as it held its 54th graduation ceremony.
Well social
media is currently flooded with photos of graduants and students who attended
the occasion early this morning as many could not hold back the excitement ignited
by the success of their hard labour.
Radio presenter cum Tv host Sheila Mwanyiga decided to congratulate the 2015
graduants but how she did it has caused a big uproar on her social media
account. Sheila uploaded a photo in her graduation gown which as she captioned
the message she relayed to the grandaunts. This brought a major confusion as Kenyans
flocked to her facebook wall congratulating her on her graduation.
Sheila was
not among the grandaunts since she had graduated earlier back last year. She
tried to convince her followers but that she was not among the grandaunts but
the congratulatory messages kept popping in second by second
Here’s what
she posted on social media
To the 54th graduands of
the University of Nairobi, congratulations and well done!
It’s a big, big world that is ready for your big, big contribution. Enjoy your
day, and the best is on the way!
With love and happiness,
53rd MA Graduate


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