Socialite vera sindika says she will continue ‘doing it’

Vera sindika decided to pass out a
message to keep her haters aware that she will continue posting her big booty
photos on social media.
The controversial socialite gained
fame after her expensive bleaching and lavish lifestyle that left many people
talking about her.
Here is what she wrote on her
instagram page

“This goes out
to all the Lovers, Haters, Believers and Non- Believers: The love I receive
from you guys is overwhelming and I just can’t begin to explain how much that
means to me. My heart melts when I keep seeing some of y’all put me up on your
display pictures post me on your pages, create fan pages; Btw, Big s/o to
@verasidikaisbae I see you! (trust me, when I see a tag I always like or
comment) all those little things matter to me. I don’t take it for granted.
There’s been haters too but hey, what would I do without y’all. You guys keep
me going and motivate me to try harder. All I wanna say is THANK YOU!!! You
guys have touched my life in ways you never know. My riches do not lie in
having material wealth but in having friends like y’all!”
Vera posted on social media just moments after she introduced her equally well
endowed friends:


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