Here are the heart felt messages Kenrazy and his wife penned down during their daughter’s birthday


Kenya’s most popular Rapper Kenrazy has decided to
share his happiness as a father for five years with his fans. The self
proclaimed King of Chipuka and his wife Sosuun took to social media to lay down
their heartfelt messages to their five year old daughter and this is what they
had to say.

“You brought extreme blessings to us immediately you came to this world.
Even on our worst days when Mom and I get home and see your face it always
makes us smile and have a reason to get up and fight again. You are many
awesome things to us that I can’t even finish writing. And that is the reason
we vowed to always make your Birthdays memorable, ” Kenrazy’s message reads in

Sosuun wrote:

Happy birthday to you my baby..I honestly can’t get perfect words to much
how I feel about u my endless love…you are absolutely my best creation , I see
u daily and gain all the strength, as u grow, the world may try to show u some
negativity here and there but to me u will always be perfect, the joy u bring
your dad n I is out of this world, you are the best gift to us from God..
Always know you were born out of fresh and pure love and that’s why I call you
“My fruit of love” You are blessed baby and God will place favor on you
wherever you go,I love you with my life my princess ….HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY

Here is a photo of the young lass


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