Here’s why Kenyans on Social media is talking about singer willy Paul. Have a look at these photos

singer Willy Paul is currently the talk of town on social media for his
postures when taking photos. The lad seems to be a photo enthusiast but
according to Kenyans on social media Willy poses for photos like a lady.
A social
media user decided to collect some photos from his ever active instagram page
and left a comment on each and every photo comparing it with how lasses do it. 
 1. Who said pouting is for ladies only 

2. Let’s do the ‘run my fingers through my hair’ pose
 3. He also does bathroom mirror selfies… oops! 

4. I thought ladies were the only ones who have a problem with crossing their legs when taking a snap… guess I was wrong. 

5. Let’s stick out our tongues, shall we? 

6. The ‘Someone took a random photo of me when I was unaware’ pose
 8. Really? 


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