Hilarious!! Here are 13 ways of how to survive during harsh Njaanuary moments

Many say that January is the driest
when it comes to economic constraints. It is the month when people come to
reality that life continues after they have spent each and every coin they had
saved during the festive season.
Well here is something a social media
user wrote on how to survive in the harsh Njaanuary.
1. Kumbe
Broadways bread costs 41 bob
2. Pascha milk
costs 46 bob
3. You can
actually carry lunch to work!
4. You can carry
bread to work too, so you only buy tea
5. Mathree Fare
is half price before 6
6. Meat is very
unhealthy. Adopt a Daniel in babylon diet
7. 5 eggs cost 55
bob and are better proteins than meat, more so they’re young chickens!
8. Yoù can really
pay school fees in instalments
9. Ukioga na
sabuni ya kipande bado utakuwa msafi
10. Arimis ni mãfuta mzüri sana!
11. Kuenda job by
foot is a healthy exercise
12. Kumbe unaeza
toanisha teabag ikapika vikombe nne za chai badala ya moja tu.
13. Kumbe pombe
huleta cirrhosis


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