Huddah Monroe rubbishes rumors that she has a skin disease between her legs.see what she said it is


What amazes
me is just wondering if our creator took more time when creating eyes of a
Kenyan compared to other people in the world. Well Kenyans are always quick to
notice the slightest thing that they can talk about. 
Judging from
the event that took place in Naivasha during the New Year Eve where Nigerian
artist Patoranking graced a big show where Nairobi Socialite Huddah Monroe
attended while in a pair of tiny shorts that exposed her thighs. The well
endowed socialite took to the stage to dance with the artist and people were
too quick to notice some funny marks on her inner thighs and quickly took some
photos to social media claiming it was a ‘skin disease’ possibly because of too
much s3x.
Monroe was too quick to defend her reputation as she claims its only a birth


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