Huruma lady stubs his lover to death. The reason will shock you.


We are currently leaving in a man eat
man society where relationship arguments are leading to the unexpectable.    On Tuesday Huruma residents were left shocked
after a lady stabbed her lover to death after a quarrel on which station to
watch arose. Nairobi County Police Commander Japhet Koome confirmed the incident
by saying the perpetrator by the name Calorine stabbed her boyfriend in the
lower abdomen and thigh.  The two were
quarrelling on Tuesday night as the lady wanted to watch a soap opera while his
boyfriend objected and claimed he wanted to watch foot ball. 
After a lengthy argument the lady
stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife and quickly fled from the scene. The
neighbors heard the man’s screams and came to his rescue and found him in a
pool of blood. He was rushed to Huruma Nursing Home but efforts to save his
life bore no fruits as he succumbed to his injuries.
The police have arrested Caroline and will
be arraigned in court to face murder charges.


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