NTV’s Larry madowo attacks Raila after releasing a list of alleged Eurobond fraudsters

Renowned TV news
anchor Larry Madowo on Thursday found himself on the wrong side of social media
users –mainly aligned to the CORD coalition- after he took to his twitter page
to express his dissatisfaction with the content of CORD leader Raila Odinga’s
expose of the people suspected to be involved in the alleged Eurobond scandal.
Larry was among a
group of Kenyans who felt that the opposition leader was only playing cheap
politics with the whole saga after his much anticipated press conference saw
him only list top treasury and Central bank officials as suspects in the alleged
International fraud.
Through his
official twitter handle, the anchor revealed that he was expecting more from
the CORD principal.

“Show of
hands, who else was expecting explosive list from Raila Odinga and all we got
was nothing more than a fart?”
Larry tweeted.

However, his
expression saw many CORD aligned social media users attack and even abuse the
journalist for his opinion.

“Did you
want Raila to name your mother for you go term the list explosive”
The over opinionated Blogger Nyakundi

But in his
defense, Larry disclosed that he was saddened that tribalism had reared its
ugly head and clouded the thinking of many Kenyans thereby ensuring that
 facts about the saga will never be told, debated and thus the truth will
never be known.

postscript in Eurobond tale, like everything political, it has become a tribal
binary. Difficult to talk facts without attacks… This tribal bias breaks my
heart, especially for my generation. And it applies to both CORD & Jubilee fanatics”
Larry tweeted.  


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