Socialite Vera Sidika reveals how she maintains her flat tummy. Plus size girls should take notes

socialite Vera sidika finally agreed to speak about what many people wish to
know about her. As in very many cases, very well to do ladies always have a difficult
task to maintain their tummies from protruding due to their feeding habits
unlike well endowed socialite vera has always been in the same flask size
figure for a while and no signs of her belly growing.
Laying her
sentiments on social media, the petite socialite revealed that she uses a
certain brand of tea that helps to reduce bloating and also quickens her
digestion thus preventing her from getting a tummy no matter how she eats.
Here is what
she posted on social media.
lot of ladies ask me how I maintain a flat tummy and yes I am sharing my
secret! —> @flattummytea This tea is the TRUTH! Helps reduce bloating,
cleanse system & stimulates digestion. I carry this tea whenever I travel
so I could eat all I want & still have my tummy flat!”
Vera said. 


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