Team Mafisi come to the rescue of Prezzo as kenyans roast him for what he did on live Television

After rapper
Prezzo caused a Bizzare scene during a live interview with Betty Kyalo, this
caused big reactions from Kenyans who condemned the prezzo who appeared on KTN
live show when a little bit tipsy. The self proclaimed king of bling could not
keep his hands away from the anchor as he kept touching her every now and then
an action that even brought the attention of Betty’s husband Dennis Onkari.
Well as Kenyans
continued roasting the rapper for his actions, a hilarious note from a member
of the ‘team mafisi’ emerged and funny enough the author did not condemn prezzo’s
actions but congratulated him for doing it like a real ‘hyena’
Here is the
hilarious note
Our attention has been
drawn to a number of malicious and slanderous social media comments by jealous
enemies of Mafisi attacking the person of Prezzo following his conduct at an
interview with Betty Kyalo on KTN last evening which we describe as, modest.
We, the Team Mafisi
sacco – we are many – therefore inform the public that Prezzo is one of our
ardent and competent senior members true to our beliefs and we are here to
confirm that he never broke any of our stringent rules or code of conduct.
What Prezzo did truly
tell Kenyans what a fisi is. We never hide our intentions and our mission to
concur and colonize is slowly becoming a reality. And as our rule on
brotherhood dictates, we’re directing all our members to be armed to the teeth
and viciously defend Prezzo who played a great ambassador last evening.
A fisi goes for what
he/she wants irrespective of who is watching or who owns it. Big up Prezzo!
Tunakupenda wooo..!! Fisi ni fisi.
Thank you.


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