7 problems only the ladies with large boobs are dealing with daily

7 problems only the ladies with large boobs are dealing with daily


vixen boobs.Forget the fancy bras
In most cases fancy bras are no good for holding up large breasts. If a lady really wants them to stay together and upholder, she has to wear ugly but very practical bras.

No unplanned jogging
Unless you put on your special workout bra, do not even think of running, unless you wish to get your boobs all over the place! Indeed large size breasts make running out of the question.

Hard to find the right size bra

big bra1

King size is not the most popular one in the stores. So, you would have to hunt it down or search for it online. And these things could be expensive, too.

Back pain
Just imagine carrying those around all the time! Large boobs are heavy, and they add up the strain on your back muscles. So, standing up or doing things for a long time may lead to back ache.

No sleeping on your belly

big bra2

Ladies richly endowed with curves upfront have a hard time sleeping on their bellies, even if that is their favorite position. And surely you could not do it on an orthopedic mattress, which is supposed to hold the shape of your body. No mattress is capable of such a thing!

Got on a bumpy ride in a bus?
Well, that makes you a center of attention and a local sensation! Men forget about the bumps or start being grateful for them when they look at you!

No T-shorts with prints for you

big bra3

Wearing those letters on your boobs looks rather unbecoming. The words get stretched and deformed, the same as the attention of men, who behold you in such outfits.
As you see, these challenges are rarely thought of by those, who do not have curves. Those girls just look with envy at what the others got. However, most ladies richly endowed by nature are willing to put up with the challenges they got for the sake of the benefits!