Angry woman smashes and destroys cheating husband’s car.

Angry woman smashes and destroys cheating husband’s car.


landrover-crushIn some previous posts, we have seen how rogue women can turn on their cheating husbands. Well the shocking detail is that all women tend to take their revenge on their husband’s car.Well a recent scenario in Migori town is no different from the previous one as a heart broken woman decided to smash every glass of her cheating husband’s land Rover as a crowd watched.

According to the woman who has been living separately from her husband, she arrived at his house only to find him with another woman.

Kandie went ahead to narrate that her husband had rented her a ksh 15000 house but later transferred her to a ksh 4000 house which is filled with snakes and insects.  According to Ms Kandie who was carrying a baby on her back, her husband had abandoned her after being promoted from a clerk’s position.

“Instead of going to work he is in the house with this woman. He moved me from Sh15,000 house to a Sh4,000 one which has snakes and insects,” she vented out the rage that she claimed to have harboured for 17 years.

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