How EACC Boss Lied About His Assassination Attempts

How EACC Boss Lied About His Assassination Attempts


Philip kinisu

New police reports have revealed how the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Boss Philip Kinisu might have lied about his assasination attempt.

According Police officers probing the incident, Mr Kinisu’s claims do not add up and that he might have made it up to get more security.

A ballistic examination report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed that the bullet fired at Kinisu’s office had rusted meaning that it was discharged long time ago.

Speaking on Tuesday during a brief meeting to respond to corruption allegations against him, the embattled anti-corruption boss claimed that the bullet was fired from a high calibre firearm but according to the DCI, the bullet was fired from a pistol.

“A high-caliber rifle installed with a silencer was fired into my private office from a distance of 300 metres. I was shaken and felt intimidated but resolved to persevere on,” said Kinisu during the press conference.

The report signed by Mr Alex Mdindi Mwandawiro, who is a firearms expert based in Nairobi, showed that the bullet was used not less than 50 meters from his location.

Contrary to pHILIP’s claims that he was in the office at the time of the shooting, detectives now say that the building was still under construction and nobody had occupied before.

In February this year, an agent at Kose Heights, a building owned by Mr Kinisu, reported to police that he noticed a broken window on the 5th floor and upon a thorough search the bullet head was found on the floor.

The matter was taken up by the police with investigators coming from different units being tasked to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident.

The new details come at a time when Mr Kinisu is grappling with allegations of involvement in last year’s National Youth Service (NYS) scandal. The EACC head has been accused of stealing Sh35 Million through his company Esaki Limited.

Kinisu has, however, mentioned that the recent corruption accusations levelled against are just meant to distort the truth and intimidate him.