EXPOSED!! ‘Crippled’ beggar wakes up and walks in Ngara. (PHOTOS)

EXPOSED!! ‘Crippled’ beggar wakes up and walks in Ngara. (PHOTOS)


As you are busy minding your own business along the streets of Nairobi or other busy towns in the country you’ve obviously come across crippled beggars stationed at strategic positions. After a merciful glance at their innocent and expectant faces you part with a 5, 10 or 20 shilling coin that was in your hand bag or pocket.

Well what you might not know is that some of them are usually not crippled or disabled in any way but actually take advantage of their current state of poverty and prefer not to find something useful to do but to invest in ‘cheating’ the public by posing as a disabled beggar.

Recently residents around Ngara area got a rare advantage to catch a glimpse on a ‘miracle’ after a man who has been pretending to be disabled and sits on a wheel chair woke up and pushed his wheel chair empty and relocated it to another location when he felt the position he was in was not fetching some good returns perhaps.

The shocking detail is that despite his ‘clever’ tactic he decided to expose himself by relocating in broad day light.

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