Here is why Mudavadi has been invited to the US by Hillary...

Here is why Mudavadi has been invited to the US by Hillary Clinton




Presidential aspirant Musalia Mudavadi is set to travel to the USA where the Hillary Clinton is set to be officially unveiled as a presidential nominee for her party.
The Amani National Congress (ANC) leader was invited to the Democratic Convention by US Presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton in an event which is set to host other invited world leaders and guests.
The event comes just days after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was officially unveiled as the presidential candidate for his party, in a meeting that say his wife Melania Trump received a lot of fire from the public for her plagiarised speech.
Mudavadi will also be travelling with TNA chairman Johnson Sakaja to atend the event to be held in Philadelphia, USA between July 25-July 28.
The ANC leader will be witnessing the unveiling of Hillary Clinton and also attend the International Leaders Forum (ILF) which is usually attended by all Democratic Members of Congress.
The forum has been organised by National Democratic Institute (NDI), and Mudavadi will also be on the panel of “What It’s Like to Run a succesful Presidential Campaign” discussion alongside other world leaders.
According to Mudavadi’s spokesperson Kibisu Kabetesi, the visit will strengthen ANC’s image on the global platform.
Hillary Clinton, who is the former first lady won the primaries and is presumed to run against Trump in the general election to be held in November.