Israel Prime Minister apologises to Nairobians for heavy traffic. (VIDEO)

Israel Prime Minister apologises to Nairobians for heavy traffic. (VIDEO)


nyetanahuIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night apologised for the heavy traffic experienced in Nairobi following his State visit to Kenya.

Speaking during a State Banquet held in his honour, Mr Netanyahu told Nairobi residents that it was unfortunate that they were forced to wait on the roads for long hours to reach their various destinations.

“If you say the word Kenya in Israel it evokes an immediate positive feeling and I am sure that is true of the word Israel for many parts of Kenya society until today because I understand there is a traffic problem,” Netanyahu said.

“I am sorry. I apologise for the inconvenience caused to the people of Kenya,” he added.

The Israeli PM went ahead to make fun of the lockdown in Nairobi saying that he did not see any traffic as he was cruising through the City.

“But I do not understand we are driving through Nairobi and there is no traffic problem,” Netanyahu jokingly said.

During the comic moment, the PM added that Israel had also waited for the Kenyan trip for decades, sending a ripple of laughter through the audience.

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