Koffi Olomide shows Kenyans the ‘middle finger’ from his home town

Koffi Olomide shows Kenyans the ‘middle finger’ from his home town


Koffi olomide in kinshasa

The recently deported Congolese rhumba star Koffi Olomide has sparked more critisism after he posted a photo of him landing in his home city airport, showing no remorse at all for what happened in nairobi.
The Rhumba star who was deported last friday July 22 for allegedly kicking one of his dancers, was held up in a poloce cell before being deported to his country the next day.

Koffi became the talk of the country after the video of him asaulting his dancer was shared multiple times on social media. Which led to a scathing attack on and eventual arrest by the authorities.

Kofi, who is now 60, was seen kicking one of the women dancers was shared numerous times on social media but olomide defended himself saying he was only stopping a woman who wanted to fight with his dancers who had accompanied him, but the video was clearly showing him kicking the lady, even with airport security around him.

What angered Kenyans even more was the fact that the Singer never cared to appologise for his actions and rather acted as if nothing unual happened.

Cabinet Secretary for Youth and Gender Sicily Kariuki, who spoke to the press, called for his immediate deportation and permanent revocation of his kenyan visa saying:
“His conduct was an insult to Kenyans and our constitution,” and “violence against women and girls cannot be accepted in any way possible, form or manner. It is a blatant violation of their human rights”.
Just a few hours after the selfie which the singer uploaded online after landing at the Kinshasa airport was shared, a new video has surfaced showing what seemed like a crowd booing at the singer, obviously for his foolish actions.
In the below short clip, Koffi was seen walking past a crowd that had gathered at the Kisnhasa airport, possibly awaiting his return, and when they finally get a glimpse of him, they begin to boo him.