Man turns into a snake after killing a cobra in Muranga

Man turns into a snake after killing a cobra in Muranga


MAN SNAKIYou might have seen weird stuff on Nollywood movies and never imagined that in one way or the other they can relate in the day today life. Well this story of a man in Muranga will shock you.

A middle aged man is said to have adopted snake and cat-like features days after he claimed to have killed a cobra on his way home.

According to Kihara, he fell ill in Mombasa before he relocated back to Muranga and it is then that he came across a cobra a week after his stay at home and killed it only for him to start exhibiting strange characters.

“My woes began when I killed a snake on Saturday. I have been seeing snakes and cats approaching me where I am”, he said quoted by Citizen.

He also said he sees strange women clad in red and black who tell him nothing can be done to change his current situation.

“I have also been seeing three strange women moving toward me. One is clad in a red skirt and the other two are donned in black skirts. The women tell me that there is nothing I can do, and that prayers won’t help me out of this situation,” he added.

Kahara’s mother Mary Njeri is appealing for spiritual help for her son saying he has been possesed with evil spirits.

Watch video courtesy of Citizen TV