NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Here are some police vehicles that have left heads...

NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Here are some police vehicles that have left heads turning in the CBD (PHOTOS)


armored_vehicle23 Seems like every situation is an avenue of learning something new about your country. A month ago during the anti-IEBC protests police got the opportunity to give the rogue protestors a share of what their brand new water cannons can do.

Well if you thought that those were the only armored vehicles around, here comes another type that left some Nairobians in sixes and sevens after having a glimpse of what they can do.

Currently some roads in the CBD have been closed down following the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) being held at KICC.

Well despite the frustration of having some road closed most Kenyans got the opportunity to know more of what the police have in store.

The vehicles have gate-like extensions which were unfolded to barricade any intruder from accessing the secluded area — a sight rarely seen in the country.

In pictures circulated on social media, the vehicles were spotted on Kenyatta Avenue and City Hall Way.

Nairobi Traffic Commandant Leonard Katana earlier announced that several roads will be closed for six days as the high-profile meeting continues in the country.

armored_vehicle23 armored_vehicle1 armoured