Odinga Wants Uhuru to testify in a case agaisnt Waiguru

Odinga Wants Uhuru to testify in a case agaisnt Waiguru

Anne Waiguru
Odinga Wants Uhuru to testify in a case agaisnt Waiguru

Odinga Wants Uhuru to testify in a case agaisnt Waiguru Coalition for reforms and democracy (CORD) leader Raila Amollo Odinga has asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to testify in a case agaisnt him.

Odinga is being sued by for defamation by former cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru in a case that was filed in September last year in what she termend as “recklessly tarnishing” her name when Raila linked her to the National Youth Service scandal and the theft of Sh791 million.

Earlier, the cord leadrer had said that he welcomed a lawsuit and a fair court hearing but it seems that he is now somewhat troubled by it.

According to the Star newspaper which obtained Raila’s curt document, the cord leader said that he intend to call president Uhuru as a crusial witness and whose testimony is necessay to determine the case and denied tarnishing Waiguru’s name.

Rala also told the court that president Uhuru had failed to provide a reasonable justification for giving the former CS a favoured treatment over the rest of the CS’s who are required to immediately step down in similar situation.

“That the President of the Republic of Kenya has failed to give the Kenyan public a satisfactory explanation of how the plaintiff’s (Waiguru’s) name is missing from the list of state officers and public officers that he has required to step aside from their respective official positions to pave way for investigations,” The cord leader said in his defence filed through his lawyer Paul Mwangi on October 22, 2015.

Despite the misinterpretation of what Uhur thought to be a fair chance given to Waiguru to explain himself, some politicians were heard spreading the rumors that there was more than a working relationship between the two, but the president denied the allegation during his tour of ldoret town in November last year.

“There are those who keep on making wild allegations claiming that Waiguru is whatever to me, or so many other things, but I have mine and I don’t need another one,” said Uhuru.

While defending hismelf from Waiguru’s accusations. Raila’s defence document said that the the NYS scandal erupted at the ministry of Devolution which was headed by Waiguru and she must have known somethign was wrong.

“The plaintiff was the overall responsible officer for the loses both due to being the Director of IFMIS but also holder of the authority to incur expenditure (AIE) respecting IFMIS,” Odinga said.

In his comments, Odinga insisted that despite not being involved in the saga as it was said, the former CS failed to establish proper oversight mechanisms and that led to the loss of millions of taxpayer’s money.

via: the Star

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