Plus Size woman causes ripples on social media with romantic photos with...

Plus Size woman causes ripples on social media with romantic photos with her husband.


If pose a question to ten men on whether they would date and marry a plus size woman, I bet nine or eight out of the ten would have a big NO for the answer.
Overweight women have often received many critics from their men counter parts and also associated with laziness and expensive to maintain when it comes to feeding habits. Well not all men can stand spending more on his wife’s diet compared to what he spends on his.
Well what you did not know is that there is a category of men who are not choosy when it comes to choosing what the heart falls for without comparing their physical appearance and that of their spouse.
A couple has caused ripples online after their photos spending quality time surfaced online and internet users are busy questioning themselves how do the two shag.
Tynedria is the name of the plus size lady and she has decided to let the world know that despite all the critics she has ever received about her body she has a shoulder to lean on as her husband of 5 years has always appreciated her for who she is despite being jobless too.
I never had Low Self Esteem my momma raised me well. Guess what I know how to keep my husband and no i don’t work, my baby take care of me. He love me for me and we happy so it don’t bother me wat people say they talked about. Jesus if don’t nobody love me i know my CITY my Momma and my husband do. 9years of relationship and 5years of marriage.” Tynedria captioned her photos.

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