SEMA KUJIHARIBIA!! Zambia cancels Koffi Olomide concerts.

SEMA KUJIHARIBIA!! Zambia cancels Koffi Olomide concerts.


koffKoffi Olomide’s situation made me thinking and what I came to my mind is the newton’s third law of motion. Well they relate in a way perhaps and I quote. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

Koffi Olomide jetted in the country Friday last week only to cause drama at the JKIA Airport where he kicked one of his dancers and the video became the talk of town. Kenyans on social media criticized the musician’s action and it was then that Koffi Olomide was arrested after leaving Citizen studios where he was being interviewed.

The musician together with his crew have since been deported back to congo and the actions of uncontrolled anger seem to have cost him his career and a name which has been well appreciated since for years now. Well Koffi Olomide is currently on a tight spot since Zambia has cancelled a series of concerts he was supposed to headline. He was scheduled to perform at this year’s 90th show at the Zambia’s Agricultural and Commercial Society.

Zambians took to social media to demand that Koffi not be allowed into their country after the unfortunate incident at JKIA.

“Koffi has proved to be violent when musicians are generally peace ambassadors. In Zambia, he beat up one of his dancers and then a photojournalist, Mandela, at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel a year or two ago. Being an election year, Zambians shouldn’t be subjected to any form of violence. We have invested a lot in peace and that can’t be traded for anything – not for a concert,” Zambia Association of Musicians’ President Mr. Njoya Tembo said.

He added, “With this background, Koffi must be allowed time to handle his anger and emotions in peace, at home, in Congo DR. It is sad that a person we consider as a senior musician and role model in the region has gone on rampage assaulting women with impunity. He has proved to be bad influence in the past as well as in the present.”