SHOCKER!!! Traders Busted With Milk Containing Mortuary Chemicals

SHOCKER!!! Traders Busted With Milk Containing Mortuary Chemicals


fake-milkGreed for money at the expense of people’s health has become the headlines of the day to day news. A day after the expose of sausages produced with rotten donkey meet in Nyandarua, Police on Wednesday busted four traders who were transporting adulterated milk suspected to have been mixed with chemicals used in mortuaries and hospitals.

The milk is alleged to have been contaminated with formalin and hydrogen peroxide.

Formalin is a chemical mostly used in mortuaries to preserve dead bodies while hydrogen peroxide is used to clean wounds in hospitals.

According to police, the four traders were transporting the milk from Nyandarua to Nakuru when they were nabbed at Ol Joroorok town.

The chemicals are reported to have been used in order to give the milk a longer shelf life.

Confirming the incident, Nyandarua-West Deputy Commissioner Were Simiyu said that police laid an ambush for the suspects ferrying the milk in a van.

“I caution traders not to be too greedy for money as to endanger lives of people by putting chemicals in milk,” said Mr Simiyu.