Shocking! Meet These Child Prostitutes Who Sleep In A Cemetery. Their reason will leave you in tears



This boy and girl in these photos are referred to as the lost children of Liberia – who share graves in Monrovia’s Palm Grove Cemetery which has become their new home.

As TB, Aids and heroin abuse run rife, one girl, 16-year-old Princess Chea, spoke withthe Daily Mirror

Princess was just 10 when she first started selling herself to old men on the streets of downtown Monrovia, who would pay her £1.40 for sex. With tears in her hollow, yellowing eyes, she told:

“I’ve been working as a prostitute for six years now. I am not happy at all, but I have nobody to turn to.

“Every day I sleep with up to 10 older men. I have been lucky never to have got pregnant – and I am not afraid of Aids because hopefully God will protect me.”


I smoke cocaine to take away the pain while praying every single day that I can one day leave my grave and perhaps even go to school.”


Princess, who takes her dug-out refuge with friend Joshua Williams, 17, is one of the many underage girls in Monrovia who “cut jopu”, or hustle on the side of the street for goods or money.

Another friend of Princess, emaciated Daniel Johnson, 12, feels he is lucky to have a place among the skeletons after Ebola wiped out his close family last year.



Daniel who also spoke to the press said he loves soccer and wouldd like to play in international match one day but the harsh reality is that he can’t even find time to play with other kids. a UK charity street child discovered them and is currently helping them with counseling and getting their life back.

via: daily mirror