TO LADIES!! Here’s the bitter truth from Akothee to ladies eyeing on...

TO LADIES!! Here’s the bitter truth from Akothee to ladies eyeing on sponsors for pocket money.


akothee.We are currently living in hard economic times where the job market is flooding with opportunity seekers but the opportunities are scarce and almost amounting to none. This has rendered most of the youths jobless and on the other side some Kenyans are currently enjoying life at first lane leaving the jobless with undying thirst to cruise the same as them. This has opened another avenue for desperate moments and its from where the vastly spreading word ‘sponsor’ was derived from.

Well to be very precise most ‘lazy’ ladies dying to enjoy lavish lifestyle without much effort are looking for wealthy men to splash them with money and lavish lifestyles that they die of in exchange of close door services.

Well self proclaimed rich singer Akothee’s lifestyle is one among the many to be envied by many but the flashy singer decided to give some fools advice to ladies dying to live life from a silver platter in the name of sponsors.

Speaking to Mzazi Willy Tuva on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto, Akothee informed girls only their brains would make them rich.

Here’s what akothee said

“Hakuna siku mwili yako inaweza kupatia hela ,ni akili yako itakupatia pesa, if you disciplined, you have an ambition, and you have a passion of doing anything God will hold your hands” Said Akothee.