You Can Now Order A BJ With Your Coffee at this restaurant

You Can Now Order A BJ With Your Coffee at this restaurant



A new coffee shop is gaining popularity fast after it said it will start offering some “extra” services during the normal morning coffee.

The new ultra-niche coffee shop in Switzerland’s  has plans to start offering its male customers oral sex while having their morning coffee. And while some are no doubt excited, if not entertained, by the idea, there are those who are not happy about it at all.

The new shop, Dubbed Café Fellatio, is modeled after similar establishments in Thailand where both men and women are offered the service. Here’s how it would work: A man orders his coffee, which will set him back 60 Swiss francs ($61.26). Then, using an iPad, they select a prostitute to perform oral sex. After that, they take a seat at the coffee bar. “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Bradley Charvet of the Geneva firm Facegirl told Geneva’s Le Matin newspaper.

We can’t help but cringe at this new amazing concept. While we know that prostitution is legal in Switzerland, and that it’s very strictly controlled (sex trade workers are required to have valid permits as part of a bid to fight human trafficking). But how could this possibly pass local health code requirements? That is still the question in many people’s minds. but the concept has just made everyone excited and many can’t wait to get the experience.