20 year old girl stuns court after being caught in the possession...

20 year old girl stuns court after being caught in the possession of bhang


marijuanaA form three student from Manithu Secondary school stunned a court after she was arraigned for being in possession of marijuana in school.

According to 20 year old Christine Gakunda, she decided to experiment on the drug to enjoy the similar feeling her friend felt when she enjoys the drug.

“It is true that I was smoking bhang. I requested my friend to give me some rolls so that I can puff and feel what she experienced when high. I did not mention to the teacher that my classmate had given me the rolls,” said the girl.

A seemingly composed Christine, told the court that she clearly understood the charge she was facing – being in possession of and smoking a roll of bhang in school.

The prosecution presented a half smoked roll, a match box and a mathematical geometrical set in which she had stored the rolls was presented by the prosecution in court as exhibits.

The Form Three girl pleaded with the court for leniency citing that she was from a humble background and her education was being sponsored by a well-wisher.

The magistrate ruled that the girl be remanded at Meru Police Station before the sentence is delivered on August 1.