Aristocrat Tom Cholmondeley dies at MP Shar hospital

Aristocrat Tom Cholmondeley dies at MP Shar hospital



Tom Cholmondeley who made headlines some time back after he was involved in a murder case has died in Nairobi aged 48.

The Kenyan tycoon of British ancestry is said to have died at the MP Shah hospital in Nairobi while undergoing treatment after a hip replacement surgery.

He passed away on Wednesday afternoon as he recovered from the surgery in the intense care unit. Mp Shar chief executive Anup Das told the Daily Nation Tom died of cardiac arrest while he was recuperating.

“He was admitted on Tuesday as a private patient — that is admitted by visiting doctors — in our facility and he underwent the surgery. He was recovering at the Intensive Care Unit when he developed cardiac arrest and died.” Das said.

Mr. Cholmondeley  was on the news back in 2009 when he as accused of shooting a KWS game ranger in his Soysambo ranch near lake Naivasha and sentenced 8 months in prison for manslaughter.