Bukusu darling Finally reveals why he broke up with Sarika Patel

Bukusu darling Finally reveals why he broke up with Sarika Patel


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Bukusu Darling has revealed the truth as to why he broke up with the love of his life Sarika Patel.

According to Timothy Khamala his wife Sarika fell ill after she consumed food prepared by her family which he had warned her not to eat.

“I had warned her never to take anything especially food brought to her from her family members but she defied. That is how she apparently fell sick and later, her family came to pick her for good,” he told

According to the Nairobian, Timothy denied earlier reports that he battered her which led to their separation.

Timothy indirectly accuses his wife’s family of giving her food to make her ill so they could have an excuse to take her home.

“Our love is not dead, that’s why I have not married another woman. Take anything from me, mess around with my clothes but if I find you with that towel, I can do the worst. The towel leaves a magical touch on me,” he said.

He said that they have been communicating since but their communication was cut off by is inlays who were against the marriage from the begginning.

He still believes that one day they will be reunited.

Timothy has been using his wife’s towel every  morning and evening to remember her and to honor his love for her.