How a 20 shilling debt led to the torching of a hotel...

How a 20 shilling debt led to the torching of a hotel in Bungoma


Bungoma County seems to have a great record of making headlines in 2016. A youthful man visited a meat joint at Chwele market, Bungoma county where he enjoyed a cup of soup and ‘mutura’ worth Ksh20.

Reports have it that after Christopher Simiyu was done with his delicacy the owner of the hotel declined to take his 20 shillings and instead asked him to leave the hotel.

According to a statement recorded at Chwele police station, Simiyu revealed that he walked out of the hotel but the woman followed him and poured hot soup on his shoulders.

“I left and went out to buy mutura but the woman followed me and poured very hot soup on me, burning me on the shoulders and back,” he said.

Angry residents gathered and decided to set the mabati hotel on fire demanding the owner to leave the area with her two sons.

“We are wondering why a foreigner welcomed by the community to carry out business turned around and burned a customer who has been frequenting the joint,” Tom Masinde, a resident said quoted by The Star.

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