Julie Gichuru Finally Addresses Claims She is being beaten by her Husband

Julie Gichuru Finally Addresses Claims She is being beaten by her Husband

Citizen TV anchor Julie Gichuru has come out strongly to set things straight after some rumors were circulated online that her husband has been beating her even in the office.Julie decided to do things differently and instead of just responding to a mosquito bite with a hammer as Lumumba says, she penned down a poem, to make sure the message penetrated deeply into the minds of those rumor mongers, here is the poem she wrote.

First they said,

“She is married to a very old man,

A veritable sugar daddy,

What a terrible plan!”

Then they said,

“Oh she’s married to a snipper of a lad,

Shame, she robbed the cradle,

How terrible, how bad!”

Then they said,

“He beats her, she gets a whipping now and then,

How can she put up with it?

She is just a pecked hen!”

Then they said,

“That man, he is kaliwad like mad,

She controls things like a nonsense,

So shocking, so sad!”

It seems they must say something,

There’s always something to be said…

Truth means nothing to them,

But remember, keep your head…

While lies are very hurtful, causing sorrow and pain,

Your victory is that the truth quite a different game.

As you sit back and hear the contorted lies they tell,

Say thank you Lord for giving me a life so sweet and well!

And so ensure your affirmation resides within your soul –

Feeding your focus and passion, making you happy and whole.

For they will not stop the talk, it is what they do best –

But talk is cheap, and this they’ll learn when they face this very test.