Kisumu man receives a beating after declining to pay prostitute fee after...

Kisumu man receives a beating after declining to pay prostitute fee after enjoying the service

PHOTO: Google images
PHOTO: Google images
PHOTO: Google images

A man in Kisumu found himself in a tight spot after female sex workers descended on him for failure to pay the expected service fee.

The man had fallen hoax of a rumor that had spread revealing that Kisumu prostitutes would be giving away free-romping sessions in a celebratory gesture on Gor Mahia’s 2-1 triumph over AFC Leopards.

According to the s3x worker known as Maggie, the man picked her from the streets and went together behind closed doors and after enjoying the service the service the man reminded Maggie of the previous day rumor and zipped up and prepared to leave without paying a penny.

Maggie raised alarm and her colleagues quickly rushed to check on the situation.

In a desperate attempt to get out of the narrowing situation, the man slapped the woman bringing the wrath of her colleagues who got to the room just in time to catch the man before he ran.

The hooker who was at the time, shouting at the top of her lungs told the bemused company that she had given the man ‘special service’- better than he could ever dream of getting from a wife or a girlfriend.

The man was reportedly stripped, had his phone and monies taken in the incident.

He was saved by night security men from what would have been a nasty beat down from the angry women.