Majority leader Aden Duale in trouble after he did this in his...

Majority leader Aden Duale in trouble after he did this in his hometown



Parliament Majority leader hon. Aden Duale on Tuesday got a taste of his own medicine after members of his community breathe fire on him for ‘defiling’ his culture

Duale who was visiting his constituency on a meet the people tour, went to some local camel herders and wanted to show them he still remembers his culture.

He decided to drink raw carmel milk from appeared to be a sufuria instead of drinking like a real herds men who normally do it from a traditional Dhakal .

When he posted the photos on his Facebook page, the reactions he got from his tribesmen made him speechless.


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Mohamed Arshad Drinking camel milk with that container is not our culture. Mheshimiwa where is the dhakal?
Abdi Issaq Mhesh is drinking fresh. Water from the water point…. Fresh Camel milk are suitable to be. Drunk. With dakal or amel……Don’t worry he is from Gsa…kkkkk
Noor Osman This is abomination bwana Leader! How dare you use a bakuli to milk the camel.
Please let me know location of the camel, i will provide them with two traditional ameel!
James Walujames Sell the milk to Parliament Duale, open market for donkey milk
Issa Mohamed Faradere Electioneering periods will make polticians even drink hens milk and pretend to be associating with the normal rural folks !