Man selling jini for Ksh 30000 shocks news paper readers. (PHOTO)

Man selling jini for Ksh 30000 shocks news paper readers. (PHOTO)


There are crazy events happening in today’s society that could leave you in a conclusion that we are currently living in the end times.

Daily Nation paper readers were puzzled to meet a rare advertisement of a person advertising to be selling a jinni to anyone who is interested to become rich.

Well if am to give my understanding about a jini, I would describe it as a satanic kind of witchcraft which people venture into in an aim of acquiring wealth and riches but with a bitter price of-cos.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Zekeke warned that a buyer should use it as an individual and not a group.

He said that any interested buyers  who are not able to raise the full amount upfront can pay in installments before he releases the ‘magical powers’.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in the country, when you are ready with the money, just tell me and I’ll then talk to the jini and see if it is willing to travel,” said Zekeke.

He adds that the Djinns will be in the buyer’s command who will be able to command it to do “whatever they wish”.

Some of the alleged benefits include wealth, making a business prosperous, and sorting out difficulties in conceiving among others.

“There will be some instructions that I must give you before handing over, which you must follow. The jini will then be yours to command,” he told Nairobi News on phone.

The magical powers are reportedly from Congo and are loaned to a buyer for two years.