MAPENZI NI TAMU!!! See the super expensive party DJ Mo threw for...

MAPENZI NI TAMU!!! See the super expensive party DJ Mo threw for his wife during her birthday. (PHOTOS)


size8-moIts without a doubt that DJ MO and songstress size 8 are one of the well endowed celebrity couple’s in Kenya.

Last Friday it was all smiles as Size 8 turned a year older and DJ Mo decided to stretch his financial muscles in order to make the day a success and which it was judging from the photos of the event.

Before the all smiles and emotional events in town the mix master cum crossover 101 host DJ Mo penned down a heartfelt message to his wife and baby mama as she turned a year older and decided to throw an expensive party only seen when foreign celebrities jet in the country.

“I have learnt a lot from you ,you have been there for me and you love for God really brightens me up – Today as we celebrate your birthday I wanna let you know that you mean a lot to me and there is no exact word that I can use to explain how awesome you are to me – Love you Linet ,though it has not been easy for you to keep up with my craziness you have been a great wife and mum to our wonderful and beautiful Daughter – HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” DJ Mo wrote.


Have a look at these photos

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