Moha of Jicho Pevu Hits Back at Caroline Mutoko

Moha of Jicho Pevu Hits Back at Caroline Mutoko


The late Jacob Juma side dish Cheryl Kitonga became famous after she was involved in an investigation of her sponsor’s death.

During the investigation which was carried out by both the media and police, she had to undergo a series of questions and media publicity and thats she became famous.

Cheryl Kitonga was first revealed by investigative journalist Mohammed Ali in his series Kaburi la Wazi which also led to a series on investigations by state officials.

After Mohammed Ali’s expose last month, and later with the second part of the expose, not everyone was happy with it. Former radio presenter Caroline Mutoko blasted Moha for exposing Cheryl saying Mpha should have left it go away since the guy is dead.

After his secon part of the expose kaburi la wazi part 2 Moha decided to hit back at Caro, posting a photo with Cheryl and captioned :

Dear @CarolineMutoko plz watch kaburi la wazi part 2 . Investigative journalism is not parroting.Tunaelewa feelings zako!