People can be so heartless!!! See what thieves did at Akothee’s ranch...

People can be so heartless!!! See what thieves did at Akothee’s ranch in Rongo.


akothee.Kenya’s self proclaimed richest and most fertile female celebrity Akothee is now boiling with anger and ‘hunger’ after thieves sneaked in her big ranch in Homa Bay County and walked away with her hard labored cabbage.

Akothee is among the Kenyan celebrities who have risen from rags to enjoying life at first lane and despite having a well paying musical career she has also invested in other businesses like farming.

The well endowed songstress could not hide her amusement after she found her cabbage had ‘developed legs’ and took to social media to reveal to her fans. However her sentiments are more of an encouragement to many and only a layman can understand it as a complain.

Here’s what she said

“Eeeeish kumbe bado wezi wa mboga wako, eeee yawa (ongwedo nyaka chuny alot ) he has plucked till the heart of the Veges , but it took me only 2 months to achieve this its not a miracle,where we’re you when I was planting this , don’t we have the same climate & the same fertile soil ? Don’t we have 24 hours a day? It’s true poverty is a state of mind, I wish you could learn from your neighbour that all is possible, you call me Iluminati but you still steal my sweat to quench your thirst, why were not afraid that Iluminati will catch you , ILUMINATI IS A TERM USED BY LAZY PEOPLE, SUCCESS IS PURE HARD WORK , HUSTLE IS REAL LOOK AT THIS ONE HUSTLING IN MY GARDEN” Akothee ranted

Here are some photos of Akothee in her garden

akoth3 akoth2 akoth1