SHOCKING: Gor Mahia Fans Sexually Harass a Lady in Broad Daylight


Gor Mahia fans are known for their hooliganism and other crazy behavior but it seems that the situation is getting out of hand.

Yesterday, a concerned Kenyan who also seems to be a Gor Mahia fan posted photos of what seemed to be a lady being forced into s3x in a bush at a unknown location.

The shocking photos which have since been doing rounds on social media, show the shameless goons forcing the lady into a bush while trying to undress her.

Here is what he posted:

“This is why I hate Gor mahia fans.
Can justice be given to this lady.
R@p3 in broad day light.
Surely, how can u r@p3 a girl in broad day light…sweet talk a woman and express yourself.
Let justice prevail.
Bure kabisa”

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