Why’s everyone complaining about These photos of President Uhuru and school children?...

Why’s everyone complaining about These photos of President Uhuru and school children? any problem?


Two separate photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta together with Primary school pupils at State House, Nairobi, have sparked controversy on social media.

In one photo taken on June 24, President Kenyatta has posed alongside pupils of Pembroke House School, an International learning institution in Kenya. The nicely composed photo shows Mr Kenyatta and a section of the learners seated on the first row while some of the pupils and teachers have lined up behind him.

Kenyatta and the Pembroke House learners are also stepping on a red carpet to make the image more appealing.


In the second image is the Head of State and students of Titus Ngoyoni Memorial Primary School who visited State House, Nairobi on Thursday, August 4.

The photo shows Mr Kenyatta standing alongside some learners, while the rest have squatted down on the front row.


The two images were placed side by side on social media with a section of the public alluding to discrimination in how the two groups were treated at State House.

State House Communications Director Dennis Itumbi dismissed the assumption terming it a propaganda instigated by the Opposition.

The conversation around the images was kickstarted by the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) which juxtaposed the photos in a twitter post and captioned: “@UKenyatta once accused @RailaOdinga of being a Western puppet. Talk of preaching water & drinking wine. Same day!”