WICKED: Ringtone Threatens to Kill an Uber Driver

WICKED: Ringtone Threatens to Kill an Uber Driver


Controversial gospel artist Ringtone, who has made headlines for all manner of wickedness ranging from impregnating college ladies to sleeping with older women, is trending once again after he threatened to kill an Uber driver with a machete  on Saturday.

According to the Uber driver, he was hired to ferry a group of men to Runda Police Station for undisclosed business.

On arrival at the station, they told the driver to wait for them outside the station for about two hours and he agreed.

After they came out, the driver took them to a largish house in the nearby Runda estate and thats when everything went ‘sukumawiki’

“They started throwing stones at my cab. They said that they will get a machete and slash me. I immediately sped off and took to Runda Police Station to report.”

Ringtone defended himself by saying that he was called by a neighbor that there were people who were cutting his fence and he had to call security who thought it was the cab driver.

He has since reported the matter to the nearby police station.