Have you seen what Kidero has done to Eastleigh?

Have you seen what Kidero has done to Eastleigh?


Nairobi Governor, Dr Evans Kidero, has for the first time won the hearts of Nairobians after he cleaned Eastleigh shopping centre.

Over the last 20 years, Eastleigh has been one of dirtiest estates in Kenya due to poor drainage, hawkers and a high crime rate.

But for the last two weeks, Kidero and his team have cleared the mess by evicting hawkers and repairing the drainage system.

Addressing journalists at his office on Wednesday, Kidero ruled out the return of hawkers to Eastleigh’s pavements even as the informal traders decry the grabbing of their spaces.

Mr Kidero said hawkers would not be allowed to trample on the rights of other rate payers despite their grievances.

“All Kenyans are equal before the law and no one should feel that their rights are protected by the Constitution leaving others outside without a voice. We need to address conflict from a point where everyone obeys regulations and those who fail to do so must be forced to do so,” Kidero said.

Kidero said the makeshift structures build by hawkers were fuelling insecurity as they make it difficult for residents walking at night to see goons hiding in the area.

Here is the new look of Eastleigh

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