Huddah Monroe Finally reveals the kind of man will marry

Huddah Monroe Finally reveals the kind of man will marry


Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe has proven to us that a normal Nairobi lady can rise up and be successful even without the formal education we are used to.

Huddah did not come from the richest hoods in the country , she grew up in the the ghetto and has worked herself tirelessly to get where she is today.

The superb figured lass is not new to controversies. She has been involved in verbal fights through her social media pages and especially snap chat with once her good friend Zari Hassan and arch enemy Vera Sidika.

Huddah who has grown a little mature from the last time you saw her, recently she was begging for forgiveness from Vera Sidika after she recklessly accused her of being infected with HIV from an alleged Chinese man.

She is alo Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan (now married to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz) over Diamond Platnumz whre Huddah attacked Zari telling her to stop getting pregnant all the time for Diamond so that the guy will does not dump him.

As age comes, so does maturiy and willingness to setlle down. The socialiteposted that she is expecting to settle down with mr right, and here is what she wants

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