New graphic images on cigarette packets roll in


Starting today Monday, cigarette packets countrywide are expected to have graphic health warnings including nauseating images that will appear next to the usual written warnings on the dangers of smoking.

The move is aimed at dissuading current and potential smokers from the harmful effects of cigarettes.

Acting director of medical services Jackson Kioko noted that more than half of the front and back of all cigarette packs should have health warnings, while the brand name will be restricted to a standard size, font and colour.

“60 per cent of current smokers thought of quitting because of health warning labels on cigarette packaging. We believe this move will dissuade even the youth from engaging in early smoking”, he noted.

Although the courts last week gave Kenyan cigarette manufacturers opposed to the graphic images a 30-day reprieve as their appeal is being heard, some of them have already rolled out the images.

Pursuant to Article 11 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the international tobacco treaty, parties to the convention must require that all packages of tobacco products carry health warnings describing the harmful effects of tobacco use or other appropriate messages which “should be 50 per cent or more of the principal display areas but shall be no less than 30 per cent of the display areas” and may be in the form of or include picture warnings.

source: the star