Popular News anchor Ann Ngugi Berieved

Popular News anchor Ann Ngugi Berieved


Former TV presenter Ann Ngugi is mourning the death of her grandmother who passed away  a few days ago.

The emotional message she wrote on her Facebook page was deep as she explained how she got her name from her grandmother.

Ann Ngugi has been through so much already, especially after she was rendered jobless few months ago and her son who has a special condition.

The once decorated news anchor with an incredible Swahili fluency was sacked after she was accused of receiving bribes to covers stories.

Despite theproblems Ann has raised her daughter into a beautiful lady. However we at Waza sympathize with her for the loss of her grandmother. Here is the post

“The Beautiful Lady here is My Grandmother or Shosho as we call her ..she has passed on and I believe she is in heaven.My name Njambi came from her as I was named after the mother to my Mother ..its difficult to accept that your no longer around but me and our family have precious memories of you especially Molo.we loved you Cucu!”

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