One Student dies, another hospitalised after drinking methanol in Samburu

One Student dies, another hospitalised after drinking methanol in Samburu


A high school girl lost her life while another was admitted after a group of students broke into their school’s laboratory and took methanol.

The eight students of Longewan Secondary School reportedly broke into the laboratory on Sunday, September 4, stealing the chemical.

“Eight students, five boys and three girls took the chemical. Some took it dry while others diluted mixed with soda to make it edible,” the Star quoted Samburu Central OCPD Abagoro Guyo.

Rajab Saddam, a doctor at Samburu County Referral Hospital, where it was confirmed the incident saying the 17-year-old was admitted in critical condition.

He told: “She cannot talk or open her eyes but her sleeping position shows she has severe abdominal pains.”

According to the medic, six of the eight of them who were rushed to the facility were treated and discharged.

According to the news,it is sad that John Mututho last April, more than half of school-going children have been exposed to alcohol and drugs.

He mentioned that only 17 per cent of parents know their children are using drugs, according to a study conducted by the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Mututho, who was NCADA boss during that time had mentioned earlier the organisation would randomly test students for drugs and alcohol.

He was specifically worried about the increasing cases of students consuming alcohol and drugs during the December holidays blaming it on lack of proper parenting and  peer-pressure.

In May this year, a form two student from Embu county died after taking beer suspected to have been laced with poison.

Another batch of students who were on a school trip in Thika were busted with litres of chang’aa.