WATCH: Bungoma Residents Shocked after chicken sounds are heard from a man’s stomach


Residents of Khasolo village in Bungoma County were shocked after they started hearing sounds of a cock crowing inside a man’s stomach.

Mike Wanjala, is said to have stolen eight chicken from a neighbour before the bizarre incident started.

Three days after the alleged incident of stealing the chicken, he started having stomach pains only to hear cockerel sounds coming from his stomach.

“I started having stomach pains and hearing sounds of a cock crowing coming out of my stomach, I was rushed to the witchdoctor for treatment,” Wanjala told.

The neighbour whose chicked was stolen, sought services of a local witch doctor, Mama Noor, after his chicken went missing, and told to wait for three days.

The family of wanjala parted with a huge amount of money and thats when wanjala was treated and things retuned to normal.