Willy Paul Reveals His Past Relationship With Miss Langata Prison


Most talented gospel artist in 254 Willy Paul Msafi has shocked many Kenyans after sharing a photo of the recently crowned Miss Lang’ata prison and revealing his past relationship with her.

Ruth Kamende who was crowned Miss Langata was locked up after she stabbed her 24-year-old  boyfriend 22-times at Buru Buru estate back in 2015.

During the crowning event which took place inside the prison grounds, local artist were called in to perform and among them was Willy Paul msafi, who took a photo with Ruth and revealed details we didn’t know.

Here wrote.

“Life is full of surprise!! The girl in white is my very old friend…. I felt so sad yesterday when I saw her at the Langata women’s prison.. She’s facing murder.. I believe in God and I believe in forgiveness. Please keep her in ur prayers.. I’m hoping for a miracle.. I’m so certain God is going to do something soon.. Please don’t judge we are all human beings, man is to error”