Joe Kadenge Rushed to Hospital After he Collapses During Football Match.


Football legend Joe Kadenge was rushed to hospital on Wednesday afternoon after he collapsed while watching a football match.

Kadenge is said to have lost consciousness during a game between Wazito FC and Zoo Kericho at the Camp Toyoyo Ground in Jericho, Nairobi.

The first aid staff quickly attend to him and  rushed him to a nearby Metropolitan Hospital.

“The retired football player had to be taken to a waiting ambulance and given him oxygen, it would have been a different story. I think he has a breathing problem because at that moment he was not breathing well,”

According to the physicians, the football star could have been affected by the scorching sunshine and fatigue given his old age since he had spent much of the day watching soccer.

“He stood on the sun for a long time and again putting into perspective his old age, it was necessary that we rush him to hospital,” the team explained.

Mr Kadenge, popular for ‘Kadenge na mpira’ phrase, later felt better and managed to breath on his own but is doing well in hospital.

The legend has been in and out of hospital in recent times where he has on several occasions appealed for assistance from the government and well wishers in helping him settle medical bills and his expenses.