Was Kenyatta Drunk During the Statehouse Summit? Here is the Truth


President Uhuru Kenyatta was somehow pissed off by the manner in which state agencies are fighting corruption in Kenya.

The president, who was speaking during a State House Corruption & Accountability Summit on Tuesday, said that he had done his part in the fight against corruption and kept on asking his audience what more they wanted him to do.

Kenyatta’s constant rhetoric question on what else Kenyans expected him to do in the fight against corruption seemed to have rubbed members of the public the wrong way.

According o the head of Radio Maisha, Tom Japanni, was one of those Kenyans who were irked by Uhuru’s rhetoric question on what else Kenyans expect him to do.

Japanni, who is alsoin the managerial position at Standard Group, took to the social media and roasted Uhuru for asking ‘maternity questions’ instead of fighting corruption itself.

“It is very unfortunate that President Uhuru Kenyatta is so fond of PASSING THE BUCK.

Hang-over laced outbursts and pleas of frustration point to a more fundamental leadership problem!” he said.